Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011 5th Tuesday Slice What to write about?

This will be an unusual post.  I am trying to decide what to write about and decide to just write about what comes to mind. I know it is sometimes difficult for my students to come up with ideas and I want them to know that it is sometimes difficult for me as well.

Writing isn't always easy for me either.  I have to dig deep for ideas. Sometimes it is about myself, my family, my pets (even though I have none at the moment- I can write about the ones I have had), my hobbies, my children or grandchildren.  I have to stop and think about what I am going to write about.

Today I was so excited to see the class and the students in my 6th grade Language Arts class.  They bring excitement and life to class.  I look at them and see potential for the future.  They care about each other. Oh, that doesn't mean that they are always nice to each other, but they act like siblings and they at least respect each other most of the time.

They aren't rude and nasty. I appreciate their fresh approach to life.  I know that they think I am critical of them but really I care so much about them and want them to be successful in life that I become like a mother or parent. Writing is just about putting down on paper what is on your mind or your heart.  Happy Slicing! J