Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slice 26 March 28, 2012 Not sure

This is a time it is hard to think. My dad passed away yesterday. Forgive me for not slicing yesterday and this is all I have today. Please have us in your thoughts and prayers today and this weekend. Thanks.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Slice 25 March 26, 2012 Preparing for Poetry

I'm working on my lesson for poetry.  I was thinking of teaching about the Doors of Poetry. I had heard Georgia Heard speak some years ago and bought her book, Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School .  I plan to explain each of the doors and have some examples made out of construction paper to remind the students what the doors stand for. The six doors I plan to share are: Heart, Observation, Humor, Wonder, Memory and World.

These doors are explained in Georgia Heards book.  I can give a short explanation here. Heart Door- things that we love. Observation, things that we observe in the world around us.  Humor Door - writing about things that are funny or humorous.  Wonder Door- includes things that we wonder about. Mmeory Door- is about the memories of your life. Lastly the World Door includes things that concern you and those things you think about in the world.

I hope to help the students open the "doors" or "unlock" the doors so to speak to help them find "where poetry hides". Those are some phrases that Georgia Heard uses in her writing.

I am anxious to begin the unit because after attending the workshop with Georgia she opened my eyes to a whole new world of poetry that I had not seen. I had dreaded it before, but love teaching it now.

Hope oyu get a chance to read her book or hear her if you have not.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Slicing! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slice 24 March 25, 2012 My New Friend

I was talking about moving in my last slice. So today I thought I would write about Doris.  The girl who came in my life soon after I moved and became my best friend in Junior High, High School and college. 

After several weeks at my new school, I met a new friend. Her name was Doris. She was very quiet and shy, like me.  She had "dreamy " blue-gray eyes and a welcoming smile. Her soft manners and shy approach are what drew me to her. She was never boastful or loud. I really liked the little things about her. Her deep faith, love for her family and her special treatment of me as a trusted friend, made her a friend for life.  Doris was always there for me when I needed her. We never had fights and somehow always had something to talk about.

She lived nine miles away rom me. We both lived in the country so in order to visit each other in the summer, we would take turns riding our bicycles to each others' homes when we were in Junior High.  In High School, we double dated to the prom, played in the band together, worked on committees together and even served as officers in the National Honor Society together.

When I went to Iceland as an exchange student after our senior year, she worked and waited that year so she could room with me in college.  I was very blessed to have had such a close friend.  She got married the middle of our senior year of college so I had to get a new roommate that year. Of course, I got married the following fall so it wasn't too bad. We are still friends.  She is still a very trusted and loved friend. Wonderful friends like that are hard to come by.  If you have one, don't let them go and treat them with respect. What are your friends like? Do you cherish them? Treat them with respect?  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Slicing! :)P. S. Doris was my third cousin we found out later.:)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slice 23 March 24, 2012 Moving...

Have you ever moved?  Changed schools?  Felt left out? Life is not always so mundane.  When I was twelve years old, my parents decided to move. To simply pack up and move into another house, another school district, another place.

I was devastated. Emotionally I wanted to cry. I was angry, fearful, disapointed and sad. I was leaving all the friends from school that I had ever known.  Why did this have to happen?

After we moved, I started school. The first day was hard (it was March). I didn't know anyone. The children in my seventh grade class were nice enough but I felt all alone, quiet and shy. Cathy H., a friendly blonde-headed girl, walked up to me and said, "Do you wan to run around with me?" I had no idea. Another girl, Karen, who was quiet mentioned that I might want to get to know the girls first. She was right. After several weeks, I did find a friend that I did make a lasting friendship with.

It goes to show that change can be hard but many good things can come from it. I learned to know many new friends and became established in a new community.  I graduated from that school district. I'm thankful I had that opportunity. I am more aware of people who move and how it feels to be the one left out because of it.  Our character is developed by all the opportunities that we have in our lives.

What have been your opportunities that seemed hard at times, but have turned out to be helpful in the end? Thanks for stopping by. Happy Slicing? :)

This is the school building I graduated from. They just tore it down this past summer. Sad, but I guess progress. My mom graduated from there too!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Slice 22 March 23, 2012 What writing means to me...

What can I say about writing? No one taught me how to write in school. I wish they had.  Writing has become so important to me. I hope I don't forget the memories and events that I want to write about. Seeing my mother in her 80's, she's 87 today, makes me realize that we don't remember all our thoughts forever.

There are times, I even forget or don't remember exactly the way something happened and as I tell it, my husband will say to me, "No, don't you remember it happened like this... "

The little things are what is most important.  Writing about our children; the words that they said, the actions that they took are most memorable. Some I have written but I wish I had much more of it to read to them and their children, my grandchildren.

If you are young now, heed my cry, write down as much as you are able to now, because it will be so precious to you and someone in the future. If I could only read a diary from my grandmother or great-grandmother to understand what their life was like.  What did they do, what was their ambition or what were their gifts? I have learned much from my mom and dad, but I know it would tell more about thier personality if I read their own hand writing or writing.

What do you think? Thanks for stopping by. Happy Birthday Mom!Enjoy your moments and memories. Happy slicing! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice 21 March 22, 2012 Is this March?

I think my mind is messed up by this weather. Who ever heard of the 80 degree temperatures in March. Our average temperatures in March usually range in the 40's.
So why am I thinking about summer?
Wouldn't you?

I don't have Spring fever. 
I'm dreaming of summer! 

I can't wait until summer. 
I wrote about our convertible
now I just can't wait.

Blue skies,
blue green grass,of course we'll have to mow you can wiggle your toes
in the coolness of the grass,

sweet smell of the yellow flowers,
bees buzzing,
butterflies fluttering here and there,
balloons flying over head,

the sun over all beaming
saying that all is right
with the world.

Hope it is with you. Happy Slicing! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slice 20 March 21, 2012 Six words

Six words that describe me.

I was reading a devotional this morning. It mentioned how would you describe yourself in a sentence with six words? Ernest Hemingway wrote his six words as: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” How sad. In the Bible, Paul described Timothy as :“My true son in the faith” (1 Tim. 1:2 NIV). These are just a couple examples of ways it can be done.

I have been contemplating this. What can one say in six words? I know that words can be very powerful in one sense and yet not say it at all. Here is what I hope to say:
“Spent a lifetime loving and caring.”

What would you say? How could you write a story in 6 words? A memoir? I think I will challenge my class to try this. Happy Slicing! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slice 19 March 20, 2012 Convertible

Have you ever owned a convertible?  I wasn't so sure I wanted one.  My husband had always dreamed of owning one.  After his mother passed away, he decided he would get one.  I know his mom would get a chuckle out of seeing him with "his" car.  He says it's ours, but it is his.  He lets me drive it, but he truly cares for the car, treats it with the utmost respect and doesn't let anything happen to it. 

Well, now that we have had a convertible for about 14 years, I am in love with it too.  I wish we had had one when I was 25!  I think my biggest problem in the beginning was worrying about my hair!  I was concerned that it would get messed up, or I wouldn't look good enough, etc.

Now, I don't care! :)  I love the wind blowing through my hair, the breeze, the open sky, being able to see the stars at night when we drive down the road in the country.  It is so relaxing.  What a thrill it is to take people for a ride who have never been in a convertible with the top down!

One year, my husband and I made it a goal to take some of the older people in our church a ride and take them to DQ for an ice cream cone or sundae.  They loved it!  How amazing a small thing like a convertible ride can brighten your spirits after a long day! The picture is of our first convertible and both of our children drove it away after they were married.  It was special!

Again, this weather is so unbelievable that we have had the top down in March multiple times. We have chosen to enjoy this time and the weather in many wonderful ways.  How have you enjoyed it?  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Slicing! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Slice 18 March 19, 2012 Bike Riding

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, my husband and I had to ride our bicycles.  We rode in town. It is flat so I wouldn't hurt my knees.  The weather was so wonderful, warm and sunny.  Can't remember when we have ever had 80 degree weather in March.  Hope everyone could enjoy it!  Happy slicing! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slice 17 March 18, 2012 Valentine's Day

I have many memories of Valentine's Day.  Some good and some not so good. As a child I really looked forward to the day when my mother and I would take the list of my classmates and make Valentine's for them. There were times that we bought some, but making them was so much fun.
     We always made a "pouch" for our Valentine's in school. A piece of construction paper was folded over or a folder was given to us. We would decorate it any way we wanted. I usually used red and pink construction paper and white dollies.
     It was always so wonderful to receive a valentine from all my friends and "the boys"! Even though we gave to everyone, I felt like the boy picked one just for me.
     The hardest time was when I was in Junior High. Seventh Grade is really where it started. I liked a particular boy whose name was Allen.  I know he knew who I was, but I don't think he liked me as much as I liked him.
    At the age of twelve, I felt like I was an adult. The movie theaters charged adult prices if you were twelve, so..., I must be an adult!  Regardless, my pride got in the way. I didn't receive a valentine from Allen. I was crushed.
     It was times like these that made me feel so insecure. What was it? Was I pretty enough? Was my nose too big? Did my "Eve's apple" show too much? Did I have too many pimples on my face? That feeling made me want to crawl in a hole and stay there.
     Of course then high school came and things started looking up. I didn't always have the boy friend I wanted, but I had my share of suitors. I received valentine cards, candy and assorted things, but this year my husband has topped anything he or anyone has ever done!
     My husband totally surprised me. Feb. 2012 I woke up and walked into my bathroom and on the mirror were hearts with memorable dates when we started dating up to the time we were engaged. Then when I went to our quest bathroom where I fix my hair, there were more hearts with other special dates.
    He fixed me breakfast, he does this every morning-I know I'm lucky, so that's no surprise, but when I came out to the table, while he played "Cherish" by the Association ,  there was a single red rose Ina clear glass vase, a musical card which played ," You Send Me", and a "Jared's Box" with a pretty white bow. It turned out to be a real heart shaped ruby necklace. The card was signed with a quote, "May your day be filled with songs and flowers! His usual Valentine's gift was to send me flowers at school so I figured this was it! I was very excited to wear the necklace and share the events at school.  I thanked him with a hug and a kiss and off I went.
     Never thinking any more about it, I was working in my classroom - we had a two hour delay because of ice, so it was well before the students would be in the building.  As I sat at my computer the loud speaker announced that the following song was being played for me from my valentine. Which I knew was my husband because this was the song he plays for me on every Friday, since Feb. 2011.  it was "Next To You" by Justin Bieber.  That was the second big surprise after all the other things and the ruby necklace.
     I contemplated walking to the office to see what was going on. I had to giggle to myself. Actually I was a little embarrassed so I had not left the room but decided to leave the room and find out what was happening in the office as the song continued. I no sooner stepped out the door and here came a line of staff members, each carrying a different color carnation with a picture or saying attached. They began handing them to me.  It was a constant stream of people walking in and out of the office, I can see it from my door, and then down to me.   They were all smiling, like the cat that swallowed the canary!
     He got me!  Third big surprise! I had no idea he was going to do this.  In the end I had 25 carnations. I had a pitcher from my classroom and put water in it to showcase all the flowers. Actually two students brought the last 2 carnations to when they came to class first block. It was truly a memorable moment, my day was “filled with songs and flowers!”  Happy Slicing! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Slice 16 March 16, 2012 The Summer of 2005

Every summer I think I am going to get so much accomplished. The summer of 2005 was just one of those summers. My summer flew by so fast I hardly had time to realize I had a summer.  

I spent the summer cleaning an old cabinet that had belonged to my mother-in-law. (She passed away in 1998.) It is called a Seller Brand Hoosier Cabinet.  When I started I had no idea what it was, but found out more about it after I had striped it.  It was built in 1914.  The paint was white with cracks and some hard varnish on it.  I have no idea how many years it had been painted, but it was very difficult to remove it.
There was a surprise waiting for me after I removed the paint from the doors. Under the dark paint was a light wood and it appeared to be nice looking. At the top of the doors, a decorative glass almost caramel color with strands of cream color swirled through it, appeared. I was delighted.

Something inside me would really like to know more about this piece. When was it first purchased? Where did it come from? Who owned it first? Where did they get it? Did someone give it to them? Since his family had lost everything in a fire a year before my husband was born, I doubt that this piece was theirs in the beginning, but I have no way of knowing if it belonged to someone in the family. 

My husband has only one brother living and he is seventeen years older than my husband and he doesn't remember anything about it. My hope is that it came from someone in her family.

It's already special because it belonged to my husband's family but I want it to be an heirloom for our children.  I have the original picture I took of it before I refinished it.  It would be wonderful if it could talk!
Thanks for stopping by to read this. Make a comment. Happy Slicing! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slice 15 March 15, 2012 My Dad

My Dad's birthday is coming up the 18th. He will be 89 years old. It is hard to fathom just what that means. He is not in the best of health and we have no idea how long he will be living so it makes you want to hold onto every moment you have with him.

I realize that life is short and now that I am older, I think about it more. I'm not trying to be negative but positive. I would like to celebrate the person my dad has been to me. Sure he wasn't perfect and neither am I. But he has done many things right in his lifetime. A very caring person, he married my mother first of all. Born the sixth child of seven children. The fifth son, but one of his brothers died at a little over a year old. So he grew up with three brothers and two sisters.

He worked very hard as a young man on the farm to help his father. They had grains, animals and some crops like potatoes etc. A religious family of German Baptist origin, they were very devout. My grandmother was very strict. His faith was very important to him.

Through the church, he met my mother and after a year of college, they decided to get married. They both regretted the decision to marry and not finish college. I heard about this all my life. I believe that I was going to college from the day I was born. Needless to say that all my brothers and sisters and I graduated from the same college. Encouraged and motivated by my parents, we all paid our own way through, but mom and dad promoted that innate drive within us.

Dad was my Sunday School teacher in my youth class. I can remember as long as I was in class on Sunday morning, I could discuss anything with him, but the minute we arrived home, I was not permitted to discuss it any longer. It was interesting. I knew he loved me, but don't remember as a child ever hearing him saying it to me. He did play with us on the floor and played games with us. He liked to play cards. He was highly competitive. So were we.

As he grew older, he mellowed some. He used to watch his language around us. He told jokes but they were always clean and he never kidded us beyond unreasonable. We weren't a real kidding family. We sang on trips to my aunt's house, two to two and one-half hour away for holidays in the car. We loved to sing as a family. He taught us many songs, because Dad sang at many weddings and churches. He was a wonderful Tenor. He played a saxophone and mother had been a music major for her short time at college so she and dad made sure we all learned to play the piano, organ and an instrument. We could have had our own little band.

Dad had me on the tractor in the fields at 9 yrs. of age. Since I was the oldest, I had to help on the farm. He wanted a boy, but I was it. I was a great Tom-boy. I helped him in the fields with a hoe and we weeded the fields after a rain. I loved going with him especially then. I liked to feel the mud oozing through my toes. I even fed the animals. We had them all; geese, chickens, roosters, pigs, sheep,  rabbits and cattle.

Well, I didn't intend to write a book. Hope you get a feel for my dad. He was a hard worker. Oh, he worked in the factory during the day too to make ends meet. Not an easy life, but he did it. Mom was his help-mate. He's still living, but doesn't always know me- that's hard. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Slicing! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice 14 March 14, 2012 I'm Thankful For ...

What I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful I live in a free country
to have a home I can go to
freedom to worship
a husband to love and that loves me

I'm thankful for two children that I love
and their spouses, my adopted children, I love
with four exuberant grandsons
who shower me with kisses and hugs

I'm thankful for sunshine and rain
blue skies and shadows that cool me
sparkling snow and the gentle wind that blows
flowers that bloom for my enjoyment

I'm thankful for men & women
willing to fight for our country
leave their families and conveniences
some sacrifice their own lives

I'm thankful for my parents
still living who gave up many luxuries
for their children so we could become
the people we are today

I'm thankful for a God
who blesses me each day
by being with me
no matter what I go through

I'm thankful for you...
thanks for stopping by to read my blog!
Happy Slicing! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Student Slicer March 13, 2012 Guinea Pigs

Yesterday I got a new cage for my pet mouse, Fat Albert. I also got a new cage for a Guinea pig. I'm getting the Guinea pig in a few days. The cage is purple with white bars going up, down,and side to side. The color of the Guinea pig is brown,white and black with short hair and black eyes. We might have to get two Guinea pigs because if the first one gets too lonely then it will die. The other Guinea pig will go to my sister so it will be far and we both get one. I can't wait till I get my new pet Guinea pig.


Student Slices March 13, 2012 Testing

Today while Testing was going on I got to go in the cafeteria and color, read, go in the big gym, and do puzzles. While we were in the big gym everybody got scooters and we tied rope to them and had people pull us around and we ended up tieing 4 scooters together and that was fun the back 3 scooters almost ran into the wall. The next thing we did was play capture the flag but before that I got a humongous ball out and started to roll it around and chasing it that was a pretty fun day that day.
- Zombie101

Slice 13 March 13, 2012 What to write about?

My students were asking me today, "What should we write about?"  They were having some trouble coming up with ideas of what to write about.  Guess what? So am I.  I gave them ideas and now I am at a loss.

I have used a quote, written about what I have been doing, talked about memories, and now I'll tell you about a recipe I found that I like.  It is called Cherries Jubilee Cheesecake.  It is easy and wonderful!  How about that for something to write about!  Besides being a Language Arts teacher, I am a Family Consumer Arts Teacher as well.

Here's the recipe:
Cherries Jubilee Cheesecake
1 box Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cherry Chip Cake Mix
1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
2 packages (8 oz each) cream cheese, softened
1 container Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy cherry frosting
3 eggs
Heat oven to 325°F. In large bowl, beat dry cake mix and butter with electric mixer on low speed until crumbly; reserve 1 cup. In bottom of ungreased 13x9-inch pan, press remaining crumbly mixture. In same bowl, beat cream cheese and frosting with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Beat in egg until blended. Pour over crust; sprinkle with reserved crumbly mixture. Bake about 45 minutes (about 42 minutes for dark or nonstick pan) or until set; cool completely. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours until chilled. For bars, cut into 6 rows by 6 rows. Store covered in refrigerator.
Makes 36 bars

It is simple and very delicious. Enjoy! That was easy!  Happy Slicing! (especially the cheesecake) :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Slice 12 March 12, 2012 A freedom.

"Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us."
~Stephen R. Covey~

This is a freedom we don't usually think about.This is a right we have to decide how we react to something someone does or says to or about us. Students may think that it doesn't happen to adults, but it does.  We all have that problem and need to guard ourselves from being caught up in it.

Mr. Covey is right in that we have the freedom to decide whether it affects us or not and how to react to it or not! People who are in the news must get tired of hearing what others say about them, true or not. I know that it is so much easier said than done, but remember you are your own worst enemy.  Think positively. Have a great day!  Happy Slicing! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slice 11 March 11, 2012 Beautiful Day and "The Vow"

Suns shining, warmer today, we went for a walk and then we went to a movie.
What more would you want? We went to see the movie, The Vow. It was based on a true story.  I won't ruin it for you.  It was a good movie and it has me thinking.

"Oh boy", you say.

It's not exactly a family movie but it does make you think about life and what would happen if you lost the one you love.  If they didn't know you anymore, how would you react?  What would you do?  How would you get them back? Would you be willing to start over? Something to think about.

Enjoy your day, afternoon, I guess, it's evening.  This time change...  Happy Slicing! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slice 10 March 10, 2012 Saturdays

I like Saturday because it can be a day to relax, clean, spend time with my husband, travel to see my family, buy our groceries or finish school work that hasn’t been done. I like it especially because it is date night. Our night to decide whether to eat out at our favorite restaurant or stay in and watch a movie.  How’s your Saturday?  Happy Slicing!

Or crochet an Angry Bird stuffed animal. :) 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Student Slicer March 9, 2012 Bee Sting

When I was three years old me and my sister were swinging on a two person swing eating popcorn. We didn't notice that the swing was on a branch with a bee hive two feet away from the swing. When me and my sister decided to swing really fast, it started to shake the branch and the bee hive. We didn't notice that the bees were coming out until I got stung up my nose. My sister went running inside to get my mom. While I'm trying to get in the house I had my head tipped back not being able to see where I’m going. With out getting stung again and running into the house.

Student Slicer March 9, 2012 Swimming

We went swimming by our neighbors, that night we had to brush our trunks because they had green slime on them. The day before that we started to remove cement so we could put new cement in, so there was wood there to form a step. Then me and my brother were racing back and forth on the grass to the other step.
Then he dropped his stuff ran and said. “I'm going to beat you.”
I ran and took a short cut I jumped I didn’t jump high enough, I hit the wood so hard I could see my bone. I went inside I used 10 big packages of bandages. A couple days after we went to Quaker Haven (that is a camp ground and it has a lake.)I couldn’t swim because It would get inflected. -Black hits (blogger name- 6th grader)

Slice 9 March 9, 2012 My Free Dog

I always wanted a Shelty Dog. That's pretty much like a Shetland Sheep Dog and perhaps a mix with a Collie. They never grow very big but are very friendly and lovable dogs. My husband and I had been married about twelve years and our children were 5 and 7 yrs. old, a daughter and son, respectively. The thought of buying a dog had not even entered my mind when I left home one sunny Saturday morning in the middle of June. All I thought of was to get to a housing development that had garage sales and find as many toys and clothes for my children as I could that day.

I parked beside a house that had a sign out, “Shelty-Mix Puppies for Sale”. I walked by the open garage and looked in to see 13 adorable puppies but knew that I just couldn't stop for this. So I hurried on my way.

I spent a good part of two hours walking from house to house looking at clothes and toys and sometimes, walking back to the car with an armload of my purchases to unload and return to continue my escapade. Finally, so tired of walking and almost out of money that I brought with me, I headed back to the car for good.

I was walking across the front of the open garage and two puppies were left. A male and a female. The little male looked up at me with his sad big brown eyes as if to say, “Won't you take me?” My heart melted! All I could think of then were my two children and how they would love on him and be so excited to see him. I couldn't leave him there. I promised to care for him. He wasn't a pure bred Shelty but he was so cute. I took him with me.

I stopped by the grocery on the way home and bought a leash and some puppy food to be sure we had something for him to eat. He was so scared in the car that he crawled under the front seat so I couldn't get to him until I got home – about 30 minutes away.

I arrived home and my children came out. Just as I suspected, they were elated. They threw open their arms and just loved the little guy. My husband, well, not so much. He said, “What were you thinking?”

Then it hit. What was I thinking? I do have a soft heart for animals anyway, but what were we going to keep him in and of course we couldn't keep him in the house, etc. Our neighbors came to the rescue. They had a dog house we could use behind our house. It would need a little paint. They had a dog carrier we could borrow until we bought one of our own. We were all fixed up.

Lastly, we had an evening appointment. My husband said since we had an obligation to this little fella. We better stay home with him and not go, so we canceled the appointment and stayed with him. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Tippy for 15 years. He was always there for us as long as he lived!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slice 8 March 8, 2012 Using a text as my mentor text- Kitka, The Cat

If you are familiar with "Hank the Cowdog", you'll know that he talks in the stories and they are all about him. Well, this short little story is about and written from my cat, Kitka's point of view.

Kitka, The Cat
Some people say, " I'm independent." 

 "I like to think that I'm mature."

My owners always do what I expect. Even though I'm unable to speak with them, I have a way of getting their attention. I'm hot stuff and I know it.

I swagger over to my platter of food. I won't accept just any food and I expect it to have water beside it. Not on top of it or in it, but beside it.

One day I longed to be outdoors.  Anyway, I meowed long enough to urge my owner for their attention.  I had begged her enough, she let me out.  The screen door opened and I jumped at the chance to swiftly race out the door.  I no sooner was in the garage then I realized I only made it to the next place.  The outside door was closed!  Bummer!  I was trapped and I still wasn't outside.

Such is the life of an indoor cat...  Happy Slicing! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slice No. 7 March 7, 2012 Ode to Kitka

Kitka lived with us for 13 years. She was my daughter’s cat but I loved her just as much. When my daughter got married and left home, she was mine.

Loving when she wanted to be
Kitka was a fun cat

Inside most of the time
Liked the outside
Never tore or scratched the furniture
Her name began as “Snowball”
Changed to Kitka

Hard to explain the name change
It just fit her
She died in 1999
And I still miss her

I can’t bring myself to get another cat
White, short hair,
touch of black on her head
black spots on her back
black on the tip of her tail.

So soft to touch
She didn’t like to be held
until the last year of her life

then she would sit beside me
and let me pet her

Miss you, Kitka!
Happy Slicing! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOLC 2012: 6 of 31 March 6, 2012 Sink or Swim?

Sink or swim could mean the same to many people and to others different meanings. How profound! I think in writing, to sink or swim would be to just get started and not stop.  What have you got to lose? 

 I went back to college when I was 39 years old to get my English degree.  I had a B.S. from college in Home Economics at that time, but was unable to find a teaching job so thought I'd add to my license so I could teach. Try going back to school with students who are approximately twenty years younger than you.  Talk about a challenge. Now there's one!  

Boy, was I enthused!  They breathed life right back into me.  Most of them were very insightful and I learned to get right in with them. To cut a long story short, they would call me and I called them, and we made it through. The toughest part was creative writing.  

I hadn't written in years.  No one had actually taught me to write.  The professor then wasn't teaching me either.  It was "sink or swim".  I found that with the other students, we practiced and talked it out. I give more credit to “All Write” Institute for teaching me more about writing than I ever learning in any school I ever went to.

I just wish I had learned when I was younger, so I could have written more and would have more of my memories written down. I have a daughter who writes, blogs, and facebooks. I'm so proud of her. She'll have wonderful writings for her children. It is a tremendous way to keep record of family events etc. Do you “sink or swim”? Happy Slicing? :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

5th Slice March 5, 2012 What's in a name?

I'd like to give you the opportunity to find out why you have the name you have. Have you ever asked? I know that my parents named me after my grandmother.  My mom wanted to use her mother's name but because her mom died when she was 15yrs. old, she was afraid her dad might not like it so she decided to use a form of it.  The funny part of it is, he called me her nickname most of my life. So I guess it wouldn't have mattered.

I know my first name came from Hebrew and means lily.  I've always thought that was cool.  I did like my grandmother's name and wish i had it, but my name is my name and I just wanted the first part of it.  For the fact that I don't want my students calling me by my first name, I won't mention it here. Anyway, this just gives you an example of what I was talking about for a blog for anytime.

Hope you enjoy your blogging today!  Find out about your name, then about your heritage.  You'll be surprised what you learn.  Happy Slicing! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

4th Slice March 4, 2012 Noah's Ark

Today I made a Noah's Ark for our church's puppet show.  I'll follow with a picture of it. I wasn't alone, I had the help of two others.  You've heard of two heads are better than one, well, three heads are better than two!  I did the planning and we all carried it out, but they had ideas along the way.

I love to make crafts and sew.  This is right up my alley.  We took a large piece of cardboard, actually two large pieces.  We had measured them ahead of time.  This helped me to figure out how much fabric I needed for the water too.

I had purchased the markers, glue and other supplies ahead of time.  I brought scissors, fabric and anything else that I thought might help us.

We stopped off at Subway to get a sandwich for lunch before we began. Then we drew and cut.  I began to make lines for the boards on the ark and trace  with a marker. After a few boards were done, the other two decided that they could do it too, so we all started in.  With three of us working, the job was finished in no time. Let's say it would have taken me much more time alone than if we all worked together.

I cut the top of the fabric to be water and then we glued it on the bottom.  I still have to add some fish for fun.  See for yourself.  That's it. I decided to make this slice easy.   Happy Slicing!  :)
Noah's Ark - not totally completed yet

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Third Day Slice March 3, 2012

I met with a friend I hadn't seen for about 7 years today.  She used to go to our church.  She had emailed me and asked if when she came to town sometime, would I like to meet?  Of course I'd like to meet.  Friendships are one of those things in life that are precious and icing on the cake.  You just don't want to let them go.

This young lady is young enough to be my daughter but yet we have a bond.  She has taught a couple of years, but that was not how we became friends.  Her husband was our youth pastor.

The interesting part started where we planned to meet.  A coffee shop in a town near where I live was a place where she and her husband used to hang out.  She was sure it was closed now.  I had been there in the last year so I was sure it wasn't closed.  Due to my busy schedule this week, I failed to ask if it was open and therefore did not find out it was closed... until this morning.

How to get a hold of her?  I had no cell phone number.  I couldn't remember her parents' names. I knew the town where her parents lived, but didn't know her dad's first or last name. What was I to do?

First, I started with her facebook page. No luck there. She doesn't have her maiden name on it, but then I found out her mother is her "friend". So I found out her maiden name. Still, I didn't know her dad's name.  I tried to call people in our church who might have known her parents.  No one was home.  So I looked in our phone book, however, the town they live in is not in our phone book.  Bummer!

Light bulb!!!!!  My loving husband comes around the corner with a BEST Book - phone book which has combinations of counties in it and behold there is the county that her parents live it.  I look up the last name and find several with that last name.  I had googled her mother's name but to no avail.

So...I picked one and called. :)  No one was home and left a message that I was looking for her and if they knew her to call me at this number.  No one called back.

It was getting closer to the time.  I decided to go to the location we said we would meet at and see if she was there.  Sure enough,  she arrived soon after me and we left to go to another Coffee Shop down the street.  As luck would have it, that shop had just closed at 2 p.m. (The time we had planned to meet.)

Well, we ended up at McDonalds and enjoyed the coffee and hot chocolate there with a thoroughly "warm" conversation with the opportunity to "catch-up".  What are friends for, but to be flexible and enjoy each other's company!
Thanks for listening/reading! :) Happy Slicing! :) A flower for my friends who stop by...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice of Life March 2, 2012

A student asked me today what a “slice” was?  “Did I mean he had to write about apples and oranges?”

I had to giggle and say, “No, it is just one moment in your life.  It doesn’t have to be long.”

 We basically started today since we had Student Led Conferences last night. We were so busy preparing, or should I say, I was so busy preparing for it, that I didn’t have the class begin yesterday.  I had been sick Tues. and Weds. with a bug of  the stomach flu, so it has been a week.

I’ll admit I’m exhausted tonight, but I must write.  I wanted to show the students different territories I can write about in my life.  I can write about the students and my job as a teacher, or about my life outside the classroom so they might find out that I am human after all. “That makes me smile.”

I’m enjoying my class this year. They are a wide range of book leveled learners(from AR 0.9 to above 7.0).  Some really struggle to read and write.  I hope that when this year is over, their comprehension has improved, up their reading level, and feel better about themselves.

I have shared some of my struggles of reading with them.  It wasn’t always easy for me. As an adult with ADHD, I still have to work to focus to accomplish many of the goals I want to meet in life and my classroom.  I honestly understand how it feels to struggle with reading.  I didn’t become a true “reader until after I was “50”.  Sad to know what I had been missing all those years.  I want my students to know the joy and excitement that reading can bring into your life.

It is the key to helping make one successful in so many careers in life. I feel like I am rambling and need to stop for tonight.  This is my second slice.  How has reading been for you? Happy Slicing! :o)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 Was I blown in?

As I lay in my bed yesterday, 
I could hear the wind.
It made me think about
what I know about the wind.

I can see it,
I can hear it,
it can touch me,
but I can't touch it!

There's, the cold blustery wind in Winter,
The warm Summer breeze that goes by
The casual breeze that carries the smoke from the fires of leaves burning in the Fall.
Those are the “fun” winds.

The damaging winds
of tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes
can hurt property and people.
Hopefully we won't have that this year.

A little abrupt but I need to stop.  Happy Slicing! :o)