Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013 A new year & a new day...

A new year and a new day...these are my thoughts this afternoon. I just read something that mentioned a "W" word rhyming with Wednesdays. So I thought it would be nice if I would do one for every day of the week. Give me a theme to write by, but still be flexible to write what I like. Since I left teaching in June I feel like I am wondering somewhere but not know where I am going. Before I retired, I had all these ideas of what I wanted to do, but now it is much harder than I thought. Because I am retired,many feel like I can do so much. I must pick and choose.
Today will be Wondering Wednesday -
I wonder :
What goals I should set for myself now?
Will I become more productive if I get back into a routine?
I want to follow God's leading so I want to keep Him in focus.
Where are you leading me God?
How can I be want God intended me to be?
The is so much to wonder about...but I'll take one day at a time and consult The Lord first each day.
Thank you for stopping by. If you have a thoughts to help me, I' d appreciate hearing from you.
Happy wondering!