Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012 New Year!

Happy New Year 2012!  Here we are in the new year.  Can it be?  Yes it is.  Time just keeps flying by. I’ve heard it said that time goes by faster as you get older and I’m beginning to believe it.  Not only do I have many things to complete but it seems less time to finish it in.  Why is that?  When my children were at home, I had so much more to acccomplish, and yet I managed to get it all done.
My parents are still living and will be 89 and 87. They had been wonderful role models for me.  It is hard to explain all the ways they had motivated, trained and inspired me.  I’ve valued their opinions and at the same time, not always agreed with them.  This morning our pastor talked about the resolutions many of us make in the new year.  I think of all the new years that my parents have seen, and all the inventions and modern conveniences that they have seen and experienced in their lifetime.  I have seen many myself, but they witnessed electricity begin - the car and airplanes were before their time, but they saw the start of the interstate highway system.
What have you seen in your lifetime?  Have you made any resolutions?  I used to make them and then they just didn’t work out so I stopped.  There’s nothing wrong with making them but I guess I wasn’t as committed as I should have been.  Now I try to be more committed to want I put my mind to and don’t say I’ll resolve to it unless I plan to commit to it. Well, that’s it for today. Hopefully I don’t wait another month before I write. Happy Slicing and Happy New Year! J