Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 22, 2011 No School Today

I was all set to finish up our personal narratives with the students today and we are closed due to snow.  It was beautiful coming into town this morning.  The trees were covered with snow and well...the roads had ice under the snow so it was a little tricky.  I'm at school, but I'm free to go home whenever I want to.  With the second trimester coming to a close,
I decided to stay and work on my grades.  I've been grading papers and thought about my blog and I was eager to write!  This is a great thing for me.  I hope I keep this enthusiasm. For one thing I keep my daughter in mind as I write and I feel as if I am talking to her. That keeps me going.
Time does get away.  There is so much I could be working on at home but I have smooth jazz music on and I'm working here with no interruptions. I even have had some conversations with parents on the email already.  I emailed the parents to let them know about the assignment I gave the students on Friday to let them know the students could have it prepared for tomorrow, just in case they forgot to complete it over the weekend and needed something to do today!  It is paying off!  A few haven't done it.  One didn't take the paper home and I scanned it and sent it to his mom.
I need to get back to work. Hope the day is going well for you!  Have a great one!

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