Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest student slicer - Brennan

Well, today is the last day of SOL.This summer I'm going to write a book. I most likely won't write poems for awhile so here's my last one.
       Day is dark
       So is trust, emptyness
       Love fall's all around us
       The sky at night lights up bright
       Here comes the last flight of the night.

He doesn't know it but we are writing another poetry unit this spring. :)


  1. Brennan, you must continue your poetry. It's your cup of tea (You do it very well!). I would like to know what your book is going to be about. What a challenge for poet!! Keep writing--it's good for you! Congratulations,

  2. Forgot to say--To me, the last two lines of your poem paint the picture of dawn!! You didn't know you painted a poem, did you? For me, you did.

  3. I liked the way you just came right out and made such an important (but sort of sad) statement: "Day is dark, so is trust, emptyness." Poets surprise us all the time, & you surprised me with your great comparisons. I liked your words & hope you keep on writing some poetry!


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