Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011 It's Monday

Sometimes it's hard to just start the week, especially when we have a time change!
I was trying to get my thoughts together this morning for my Language Arts lesson.
I am teaching non-fiction and beginning persuasion.  We read an article from the Time Magazine for Kids.  It was called “Time for Change: Are Pennies Necessary?”
I really hadn’t thought about ever getting rid of pennies.  They are to me like the small things in life that add the little extras that make it count like:
Opening a door for someone
Letting another car in ahead of you
Smiling on your way to work
Giving someone your last piece of candy
Sharing a tissue
Praying for someone on the spot
Stopping in to see a shut-in friend
Taking someone food when they are sick or lost a loved one

I’m not sure how this led here, but I appreciate the little things, it’s Monday and I hope I can share these with others today! Happy Slicing! :o)

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