Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011 My youngest grandson

Born on July 27, I didn't get a chance to see him until he was 2 months old.  It just about killed me.  If you are a grandparent, I'm sure you understand! Anyway, this is the poem I wrote at the time I met him:

Just met you, what a nice smile
you're only 2 months old
Brown hair and dark brown eyes
 You are a chunk!

What a sweetie!

I only held you three times
Wish it was longer and more
You had to go home...
Hope to see you soon!

I've since only seen him 2 other times and he is now soon to be 8 months old.  My how time flies.
Can't wait to see him again! Happy slicing! :o)

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