Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011 Happiness is...

It’s Monday…I need something simple today.

Happiness is…
Feeling a warm summer breeze on my face
Touching the fur of my cat
Watching my grandson sleep
Blowing on a dandelion after it’s gone to seed
Sitting on the patio listening to the crickets after a long day of work
Planting a seed in the warm dirt and knowing that with time and care it will come up
Having someone special snuggle close to me
Finishing a difficult task and knowing that I did my best
Finding after I taught a lesson that the light bulb came on for a student
Riding my bicycling down an old empty railroad path with my husband
Walking in the sand by the beach on a warm sunny day
Talking on the phone with my mother or my daughter or my grandchild
Relaxing and reading with a good book
Spying on the birds at my bird feeder
Spending time with a friend who is immobile
Blessings from above
It’s the little things of life that keep me going.
Happy Slicing! J

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