Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011 My third grandson

My third grandson:
This is my daughter’s only child. He is so much fun and I had a chance to hold him when he was 22 hours old!  What a pleasure, joy, honor and unspeakable elation I had that day seeing him.  All my grandchildren are special but I have not had the opportunity to hold them when they were this young. So this is what I have written about him when he was about one year old.  He is now over 2.

Independent, Friendly, Social, Loves Kitties (Just like his mother)
Blonde, Big Blue Eyes
Grabs my hand and pulls me forward
Loves to go for walks
Explores the world
Checks things out
Picks up a stick at a park & carries it around as if it is a special toy
Enjoys the swings
Watches older children play
He’s tall for his age
Looks like he’s three
That’s why we call him “Little Man.”

Of course there’s so much more but this is enough for today. I have to go.  Happy slicing! :)

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