Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 How did I end up here...?

To my slicer friends, this has been a ride!  I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading slices, commenting, writing and reading the comments others have been kind enough to to share.  I find that others are very sympathetic and either live similar lives or have similar situations.

 We all live on this planet together and want to teach others to appreciate life and what it has to offer. I can’t help but think about the Japanese people and what they are going through.  It is hard to identify what it would be like in a disaster like that.  I feel compassion for those who have lost everything they own, but more than that, for those who have lost loved ones.  You can replace material things, but not a person.

I know when Hurricane Katrina happened it was difficult to fathom about how many people were affected by it and the flood waters that came from the broken levee. But to imagine the population of Japan and how many live in such a small area, it is beyond my comprehension.

I want to reach out to them.  I want ot do something for them.  I have heartfelt sadness for these people.  It wasn’t enough to have a 9.0 magnitude undersea megathrust earthquake hit and trigger a tsunami, but then it impacted the nuclear reactors.  Somehow from what I have heard and seen they are a very strong people.  They keep on going and rebuild.  The one major highway after it had been split by the earthquake was rebuilt in a very short amount of time.  God be with them!  How did I end up here…?  Have a great week!  I dread the end the slicing! Happy slicing!  J


  1. I am dreading the end of slicing as well. I feel great pain for the people of Japan but am inspired by how they have persevered. They have opened their arms to their neighbors and have been nothing but gracious and loving. It is something to aspire to.

  2. Know what you mean. I've told myself that mundane is good because we're all alive and well. I also tell myself to work this hard on one piece and see what comes of it--Will I ever finish a story?????? I will be glad for a little break, however.

  3. What if we refuse to stop slicing? Can we revolt?

  4. I'm with Donna. I intend to keep slicing every day. I say we stage a revolt!

  5. Your awareness and compassion for Japan is magnified by the passion you share about it in your slicing. Keep slicing about it because just like Katrina, the needs are going to mount and continue as time passes and memory fades.


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