Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011 End of our testing for now!

I'm excited that our state testing is over for now.  We have one more time this school year but at least we have a break.  I've been thinking about this slice of life writing.  There are times when it is hard to write.
In life, many things happen to us that make it difficult but those are the times we should really write.  To write what is on your mind and heart helps us to work through so many things.  Some of those things include stress, tiredness, the joy of children and grandchildren.
Life does not always go as planned.  There are joys, concerns, deaths, set backs and even times when life appears to be falling apart, however, we will make it through.  I have had such times and when I have been through them, then I appreciate the times I have now.
Understanding why some things happen does helps, but the real key is accepting them, whether we understand them or not.  Enough said for today! :o) I hope you have a great evening!  Happy blogging! 

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