Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011 My class today...

I shared my blog with my class today.  They were especially interested in the comments.  It brought up many questions and comments from them. 

I had them write their slice of life first and then write a quick exchange of comments in each others' Writer's notebooks silently for several minutes. After that, I showed them my blog and the comments.

It was amazing!  Some of them were struggling with what to write about, what comments to make and what a slice of life was all about, even though I thought I had gone over this many times.  I had shown them my slice before and had demonstrated it.  I know sometimes it just takes time.

They were surprised that adults were finding it hard to come up with ideas at times.  Some were finding it interesting that I wrote about what it was like to be thirteen.  Several identified with it. I'm glad I shared.
This is a wonderful experience, not only for me, but for my class. Many appeared to be ready to try new ideas and look for more ways to write their slice of life for tomorrow.

One girl even mentioned that she was using her writer's notebook to look back through it to find ideas to write about.  I was so thrilled to see some are getting it!  Happy slicing! :o)

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