Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slice of Life Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday.  This is the first time I have  ever written on a slice of life blog.  I have read Ruth and Stacey's blog off and on ever since they began.  I have known Ruth ever since she started as a teacher here and she has been my coach and my mentor.  My mentor in so many ways!  I appreciate her loving way opersuading me to try new things in my classroom. 
Writing Workshop is still evolving and it is changing every year with my new classes. I learn something new from every class.  We began our proficiency testing today, but more than that, I am stepping out by trying something new. 
I know that I am a life long learner but I am learning from not only my students, my daughter, my mentor, but myself!  I surprise myself by what I am willing to do.  A few years ago I would never have been willing to let others read my writing.  I was just too afraid of failing, being considered not good enough, whatever you might think, I thought it.
With encouragement and love, the same that I hope I am showing my students, I plan to move forward with my writing and show others that it can be done.  I wish that I had written more when I was younger.  Writing down those thoughts and dreams, even memories that I think about, but can't quite bring into focus. 
I kept a short diary for a time when I was an exchange student in Iceland when I was 17-19 yrs. of age. I have thought about writing a book based on those writings.  Perhaps I’ll do that!  Until then, enjoy your slice of life.  Thanks for reading mine !

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  1. Glad you are slicing. You are right, you will learn a lot from your writing. I remember feeling nervous letting others read my writing. Actually, comments have spurred my thinking on. I look forward to reading more of yours. :)MaryHelen


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