Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 3rd Tues. Slice - Persuasive Research Paper

I’m continuing the persuasive research paper in class.  The students have their notes written.  We marked them with the arguments/counterarguments.  Then they cut them out and pasted them on paper in the order in which they wanted to write them in paragraphs.

They wrote their introduction.  Today we worked on beginning to type the rough draft.  I am conferencing with the students while they work on their papers.

Tomorrow they will be back in the computer lab to type the whole paper.  They have to add the conclusion.  My goal is to have the paper at least typed by Thurs.  We’ll type the bibliography in the classroom because next week we begin to take our state proficiency test and we won’t have the time nor the computer lab. 

I’m excited because most of the students appear to understand what I have asked them to do.  There are a few who do not have all their notes and don’t have the rough draft. These had the notes but have lost them or just didn’t have the rough draft written today but I have high hopes they will be written for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!  Happy Slicing! J
I added a picture from my smart board this time!  I figured it out!

The outline shows one way they can set up their paper.  The bun is just another idea to help they see how the introduction and conclusion can be similar but yet different. 
The body is the meat of the paper and the condiments are the support details which are what make the paper interesting and easier to understand.


  1. Nice to show it all on the white board. Your drawing looks especially 'tasty'. Hope it all goes well!

  2. I love the outline and hamburger visual. You have given your students a great start. I hope the products are as creative as your outlines. Good luck with the deadline.

  3. Wow! Using a smart board, a hamburger, and cutting for the persuasive essay! You got farther than I did! You go, girl!


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