Friday, April 1, 2011

Reflection on Student Slice of Life Challenge by me April 1, 2011

As to writing with my students and having them take the slice of life challenge:

This was awesome. I can’t tell you what an improvement I saw in their writing! Maybe not in grammar and conventions, but in what they were willing to write about.

They wrote more about their feelings, their everyday life, what mattered to them and where they were in their lives. I kept telling them that someday they will read this and be amazed at what they wrote.

We celebrated today with slices of oranges(they're not in the picture), apples, pizza, cake, (cupcakes- I know they're not slices), grapefruit, and wrote a reflection. The students shared how they felt about it. I had a few who just weren’t that interested but managed to say that they did learn something from it. When I read their slices, I saw many ideas that they will have to choose from if they have no idea of what to write about in the future.

It was worth the time and effort.

Those who risked it to post on my blog, were delighted with the comments and wanted to write more. They are sharing with their families now.

Authentic writing is truly the answer to motivating students to write. I wish I had started this long ago. So glad I did this time!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ruth! I appreciate all the long hours you have put into this blog site. I can’t imagine just what it does take to keep it going! Happy Slicing! :)


  1. What a wonderful project to do with your students. Writing for a responsive audience is a powerful thing. I love your choice of goodies at the end of slicing celebration!

  2. I'm glad you felt the power, Sue--it's worth it all. I really want these brave souls who posted to continue to believe in themselves as writers. They took the first plunge, and they will jump in more freely now. Continue to grow all of you! Others who did not want to post, I understand--I waited 2 years to post!!!!If the writing desire is there, just take a leap of faith in yourself--it will be refreshing! In any case, writing is good for you!!

  3. I love this idea, What fun this would be..Wonderfully inspirational!!!
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