Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slice of Life Tuesday 2nd one April 12, 2011 Persuasive Research continued

Today I feel somewhat overwhelmed.  We have less than 8 weeks of school left and so much to do.  I am working on a persuasive research piece with my students and today we began reviewing taking notes, paraphrasing and summarizing.  I gave the students some information about their topics so they could take some notes today and possibly tonight so I can help them with their notes tomorrow.

I plan to review bibliography so if they are researching, they won’t forget to get the information they need for their bibliography.  It has helped students in the past; otherwise they get to the end and have forgotten where their information came from.  I give them a worksheet to keep track of the information in the correct order.

Most of the students have chosen within about eight different topics.  They seem to be pretty passionate about their topic as I discuss it with them. I find as I talk with them and have their three arguments written down that they have a good idea of the direction they are headed and what they are looking for in their research.  A few still are confused but I should be able to help them.

I’m excited to see how much better this paper goes than the last research paper we did.  It was in conjunction with the Science Fair Project.  It was our first try since we did it many years ago and we had some kinks to work out, but it should run smoother next year.

I must really go back to working on setting up my smart board for tomorrow.  I’ll try to include a small picture of my basic outline plan I showed them today so if they get their notes around that they can begin to think about their paper.  We had reviewed their planning ideas such as mapping/webbing, listing, and/or using a flow chart. Then follow a basic outline. 

So far I haven't been able to load the small picture from my smart board, but I'll keep trying! :)


  1. Sprice,

    I, too, am feeling the pressure of the decreasing weeks. I hope it goes well with the persuasive research paper. Let us know how it went.

  2. Sounds as if you are in a huge flurry of activity, & it always seems so crazy for a while, then the class settles in & you are pleased. Until then, however, it is challenging. Best wishes for all the parts to be glued well together.

  3. I'm sure your students will benefit from all your tight planning and support in this project.

  4. I loved hearing that your students are passionate about the topics they have chosen. It is such a powerful thing when your teacher trusts you with a choice and then gives the organizational support you providing them. I can't wait to hear how they turn out!

  5. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I'll continue to slice about what I'm teaching and let you know how it turns out! Happy slicing! :)

  6. Hi Sue --
    Can you believe the end is so near??? I'm glad you are continuing to slice. I've fallen in love with your blog. :)

  7. Oh, you bring back memories!!!!!!!!! I think I revised my process every year, trying to find the perfect lesson--never happened, but I came closer!!! If you ever want to look at my folder some time, let me know. I think I saved that one or I threw it far and wide!!! I liked doing the research step by step, but was always glad when it was over!

  8. Thanks Tammy for! I'd love to look over your folder if you have it. Any ideas are always welcome! You're right I'm always revising trying to perfect the lesson but it does change every year for the difference in each class. Thanks for your comments.

  9. I'm doing a basic research paper with first graders, and I think I've tried it 10 ways in 10 years. This year seems the most painless...so far. We'll see. Notes came more easyily, but making sentences from them could still get really tricky. I wish us all the best of luck for getting done what needs to be done in these last eight weeks!


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