Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 First Day of Summer

First I have to make a few comments about a workshop I went to yesterday. It was the All Write Institute and it was so inspiring!  It's like a breath of fresh air and like the first day of spring and summer, a new beginning! It makes me feel ready to begin again.  With the Keynote, I listened to six speakers.  Some of course were the same speakers because I liked Jeff Anderson so much, I went back to hear him twice.  I felt he could help me with what I wanted to learn at this time to help my students the most at this time.

With that said, summer brings in things we don't have to do; we don't have to wear winter coats, no worry about snow or shoveling, the lack of ice on the roads makes it so much easier to drive and easier to walk, we don't freeze and have cold breezes that make it hard to breathe in the cold, no fear of sickness like colds or flu, and finally we feel more like being outside (well I don't like cold) so I stay inside more in the winter.
This brings me to what summer is!

Summer is
children playing outside in the pool
butterflies in the sky
birds singing during their bird bathe

Summer is
sitting in the grass under a tree and reading 
having a picnic at the beach
mowing and smelling the fresh mowed grass

Summer is
meeting friends for a swim at the lake
frogs croaking in the evening
riding bikes on an abandoned railroad trail
plants green and blooming

Summer is
many things I love and I could go on
but I must come to a close
what do you love about summer?

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Happy slicing! :o)


  1. I love drinking my coffee, writing and wearing my pj's in the morning! It's such a nice way to begin the day....Enjoy your summer too~

  2. Enjoy your warm summer days outside. I love riding in my Jeep with the top down, drinking iced coffee, slowing down the days, catching up on reading, and spending time with my boys. Can't wait to get started.

  3. What a great list of don't have to and summer is . . .! Summer is time for iced coffee and catching up on reading with a girls' weekend of beading at the river after the floating down the river. Gotta love the summertime!

  4. I am enjoying summer and I enjoyed your slice. So glad you are back! I think it's neat the way you thought about what summer isn't. That's a new twist I'll need to try.

  5. Summer is blogging late into the evening because....I don't have to get up and go to work.

  6. Summer is having more time for writing, reading, and reflecting. Summer is countless hours at the ball park cheering my 3 children on. Summer is smiles unending.
    Glad you loved the AllWrite!!! Conference. Isn't Jeff Anderson invigorating? Wished we could have met; hopefully another time. :)MaryHelen

  7. What a terrific list, & with great photos. I first wish I could have been at the Conference; sounds so good & that you have so many friends go. I love summer outings, without dressing in many layers, just getting in the car & driving some where-no cold, no ice, etc., just as you wrote.

  8. Hmmmm summer is very different for me having two part-time jobs. Summer is more of actually running outside with shorts and not having to put on my tights :) or ear muffs. It's running in the warm rain or chasing Ian around. It isn't sitting at home drinking my diet pepsi continually and eating to fullness, it is definitely moving so much more and grabbing meals here and there but drinking soooooo much water.
    It's prioritizing the fun activities and being present in these warm moments.

    It's occasionally not mowing your grass and letting it grow until the perfect weather OR cooler morning weekend comes along. It's watching wild flowers come and seeing lightning bugs peek out of the bushes. It's hearing squeals and giggles from water hitting a little one's face. :)

  9. Kara, I just love the "hearing squeals and giggles from water hitting a little one's face." I know who that is....! Precious! Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all my commentors! Happy slicing! :o)

  10. Summer is Dairy Queen! A twist, please.


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