Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 Happy First of July 183rd day of the year

I can’t believe it is the first of July already. Where does time go?

Time! I have been gone and not near any internet access so that’s why I missed my Tues. slice.  I know that I want to write more than just Tuesdays but life just gets in the way. I was cleaning my parent’s home.  My mom can’t do it any more and my dad is ill and we have no idea how long it might be and my mom wants everything to look nice. Mom is 86 and Dad is 88.  I feel very blessed to have had my parents this long.  Mom has severe emphysema and Dad has Parkinson Disease.  Dad was a very industrious farmer who worked in the factory to feed and clothe his five children and wife.  My mother never worked outside the home but she was a help mate to my dad. I believe I talked about that earlier.  She is still by his side in their home.  They have been married for 65 years this year.  It is a legacy for us.

Time! What is time?  It goes too slow when we are waiting for something and too fast when we don’t want something to end.  Just like last weekend when my son and family was here.  I want to hang onto every minute when I spend time with my grandsons.  I only see them a few times a year. They are so precious.  Now my daughter is coming tonight with her son.

Time! Can we really measure it? It takes a few minutes to fix food, to eat it, but so little time in the great scheme of things to have a conversation with our children when we think of the time they are with us over a lifetime. I remember when they were young, very young how long it seemed when all I did was feed, diaper, and rock them to sleep. That seemed like forever but when they entered school and especially the high school years, we could have blinked and the next thing I know, they are gone!

Time! Why does it appear to speed up as we get older?  I think I get busier as I get older and how did I do so much when I had a family at home and now I can’t get half as much done? What happened? Did time change? Did I?  I know some of you can identify with me.

Time! Enough time for today. I must go.  I haven’t forgotten about Iceland. I plan to go back to it. Happy slicing! :o)

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