Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012 Was I blown in?

As I lay in my bed yesterday, 
I could hear the wind.
It made me think about
what I know about the wind.

I can see it,
I can hear it,
it can touch me,
but I can't touch it!

There's, the cold blustery wind in Winter,
The warm Summer breeze that goes by
The casual breeze that carries the smoke from the fires of leaves burning in the Fall.
Those are the “fun” winds.

The damaging winds
of tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes
can hurt property and people.
Hopefully we won't have that this year.

A little abrupt but I need to stop.  Happy Slicing! :o)


  1. Your description of the Fall wind is my favorite -- it's a great visual! I also LOVE the quotation you have at the top of your blog!

    1. Thank Jennifer! I appreciate your comment! Happy Slicing!:o)

  2. Sprice, you're back! Yeah! Do these words just flow from your mind? I love the way you put them together.

  3. Wow, I am so impressed. The words flow so nicely. Good luck with the challenge this year, my friend. :D

  4. Welcome, friend! Glad you're on board again. Love the new look on your blog. The colors and lighting remind me of your topic, the wind. Slice on!

  5. What a cool line of thinking you are on --, damaging...hmmm...It's a great topic.

    On another note, my mom wasn't going to join the challenge this year, but then decided to because she missed her slicing-pals -- you were one she mentioned! Thanks for encouraging so many people to write -- students and adults! You are an inspiration.


  6. Had such great connections to the lines about the wind touching me but I can't touch the wind. Just yesterday as I was walking in that gusty wind we had I lifted my arms up and thought of the Titanic movie scene where Kate feels like she is feeling the wind.

  7. Your musing about winds is inspiring. I hope that the biting wintery wind will not return any more this spring. Fortunately the damaging winds have only sent their little cousins to this corner of the world (Estonia.) Happy slicing!


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