Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice 21 March 22, 2012 Is this March?

I think my mind is messed up by this weather. Who ever heard of the 80 degree temperatures in March. Our average temperatures in March usually range in the 40's.
So why am I thinking about summer?
Wouldn't you?

I don't have Spring fever. 
I'm dreaming of summer! 

I can't wait until summer. 
I wrote about our convertible
now I just can't wait.

Blue skies,
blue green grass,of course we'll have to mow you can wiggle your toes
in the coolness of the grass,

sweet smell of the yellow flowers,
bees buzzing,
butterflies fluttering here and there,
balloons flying over head,

the sun over all beaming
saying that all is right
with the world.

Hope it is with you. Happy Slicing! :)


  1. Not since I lived in Asia, have I experienced 80 degree weather in March. I think it is also affecting my students; I think they have spring fever!

  2. Isn't it a wonderful gift? Though it does make you think we've fast forwarded to Summer!


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