Friday, March 23, 2012

Slice 22 March 23, 2012 What writing means to me...

What can I say about writing? No one taught me how to write in school. I wish they had.  Writing has become so important to me. I hope I don't forget the memories and events that I want to write about. Seeing my mother in her 80's, she's 87 today, makes me realize that we don't remember all our thoughts forever.

There are times, I even forget or don't remember exactly the way something happened and as I tell it, my husband will say to me, "No, don't you remember it happened like this... "

The little things are what is most important.  Writing about our children; the words that they said, the actions that they took are most memorable. Some I have written but I wish I had much more of it to read to them and their children, my grandchildren.

If you are young now, heed my cry, write down as much as you are able to now, because it will be so precious to you and someone in the future. If I could only read a diary from my grandmother or great-grandmother to understand what their life was like.  What did they do, what was their ambition or what were their gifts? I have learned much from my mom and dad, but I know it would tell more about thier personality if I read their own hand writing or writing.

What do you think? Thanks for stopping by. Happy Birthday Mom!Enjoy your moments and memories. Happy slicing! :)


  1. My mom wrote a few letters where she told more about her life story. They are the only things left now, and I truly treasure them!

    1. I'm sure that is worth more than money!

  2. Nice thought. I will have to keep this up after the challenge so all my memories and slices are recorded. Not just in March. :)

  3. I've had those same thoughts and wishes. Now little things to remember so we can laugh about later have been recorded.


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