Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slice 23 March 24, 2012 Moving...

Have you ever moved?  Changed schools?  Felt left out? Life is not always so mundane.  When I was twelve years old, my parents decided to move. To simply pack up and move into another house, another school district, another place.

I was devastated. Emotionally I wanted to cry. I was angry, fearful, disapointed and sad. I was leaving all the friends from school that I had ever known.  Why did this have to happen?

After we moved, I started school. The first day was hard (it was March). I didn't know anyone. The children in my seventh grade class were nice enough but I felt all alone, quiet and shy. Cathy H., a friendly blonde-headed girl, walked up to me and said, "Do you wan to run around with me?" I had no idea. Another girl, Karen, who was quiet mentioned that I might want to get to know the girls first. She was right. After several weeks, I did find a friend that I did make a lasting friendship with.

It goes to show that change can be hard but many good things can come from it. I learned to know many new friends and became established in a new community.  I graduated from that school district. I'm thankful I had that opportunity. I am more aware of people who move and how it feels to be the one left out because of it.  Our character is developed by all the opportunities that we have in our lives.

What have been your opportunities that seemed hard at times, but have turned out to be helpful in the end? Thanks for stopping by. Happy Slicing? :)

This is the school building I graduated from. They just tore it down this past summer. Sad, but I guess progress. My mom graduated from there too!


  1. Change is hard, but to grow we must change. I was excited to move, but then when we did I went through the same range of emotions you mention.

  2. We moved in the middle of my first grade year and then again at the beginning of my second grade year. Both were very hard on me. When my dad's work tried to move us again a year later, Dad ended up quitting rather than move us again. It was the start of some lean years as he searched for steady work, but my parents felt it was important that we not move again.


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