Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slice 8 March 8, 2012 Using a text as my mentor text- Kitka, The Cat

If you are familiar with "Hank the Cowdog", you'll know that he talks in the stories and they are all about him. Well, this short little story is about and written from my cat, Kitka's point of view.

Kitka, The Cat
Some people say, " I'm independent." 

 "I like to think that I'm mature."

My owners always do what I expect. Even though I'm unable to speak with them, I have a way of getting their attention. I'm hot stuff and I know it.

I swagger over to my platter of food. I won't accept just any food and I expect it to have water beside it. Not on top of it or in it, but beside it.

One day I longed to be outdoors.  Anyway, I meowed long enough to urge my owner for their attention.  I had begged her enough, she let me out.  The screen door opened and I jumped at the chance to swiftly race out the door.  I no sooner was in the garage then I realized I only made it to the next place.  The outside door was closed!  Bummer!  I was trapped and I still wasn't outside.

Such is the life of an indoor cat...  Happy Slicing! :)


  1. I love Hank the Cowdog. You could begin a series of Kitka the Independent Cat! :) Swagger painted a great picture of Kitka and her walk to her platter of food.

  2. Kitka reminded me of my cat Fuz. He definitely felt he was hot stuff especially when he got shaved for the summer months. We trained him to go in and out like the puppy we had at the same time. He just thought these were the rules for dogs and cats. I miss Fuz.

  3. Poor Kitka, she's not going to make it outside, is she? Pets are a such a great source of entertainment. Yours entertained me tonight!


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