Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slice No. 7 March 7, 2012 Ode to Kitka

Kitka lived with us for 13 years. She was my daughter’s cat but I loved her just as much. When my daughter got married and left home, she was mine.

Loving when she wanted to be
Kitka was a fun cat

Inside most of the time
Liked the outside
Never tore or scratched the furniture
Her name began as “Snowball”
Changed to Kitka

Hard to explain the name change
It just fit her
She died in 1999
And I still miss her

I can’t bring myself to get another cat
White, short hair,
touch of black on her head
black spots on her back
black on the tip of her tail.

So soft to touch
She didn’t like to be held
until the last year of her life

then she would sit beside me
and let me pet her

Miss you, Kitka!
Happy Slicing! :)

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  1. I remember coming over to feed her one time when you were gone. It is hard to replace a loved pet. It took me ten years to adopt a new indoor cat after Sam died. I like your description of Kitka and how she became a part of your heart.


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