Friday, March 2, 2012

Slice of Life March 2, 2012

A student asked me today what a “slice” was?  “Did I mean he had to write about apples and oranges?”

I had to giggle and say, “No, it is just one moment in your life.  It doesn’t have to be long.”

 We basically started today since we had Student Led Conferences last night. We were so busy preparing, or should I say, I was so busy preparing for it, that I didn’t have the class begin yesterday.  I had been sick Tues. and Weds. with a bug of  the stomach flu, so it has been a week.

I’ll admit I’m exhausted tonight, but I must write.  I wanted to show the students different territories I can write about in my life.  I can write about the students and my job as a teacher, or about my life outside the classroom so they might find out that I am human after all. “That makes me smile.”

I’m enjoying my class this year. They are a wide range of book leveled learners(from AR 0.9 to above 7.0).  Some really struggle to read and write.  I hope that when this year is over, their comprehension has improved, up their reading level, and feel better about themselves.

I have shared some of my struggles of reading with them.  It wasn’t always easy for me. As an adult with ADHD, I still have to work to focus to accomplish many of the goals I want to meet in life and my classroom.  I honestly understand how it feels to struggle with reading.  I didn’t become a true “reader until after I was “50”.  Sad to know what I had been missing all those years.  I want my students to know the joy and excitement that reading can bring into your life.

It is the key to helping make one successful in so many careers in life. I feel like I am rambling and need to stop for tonight.  This is my second slice.  How has reading been for you? Happy Slicing! :o)


  1. Are you students excited to "slice"? That is funny that they thought they would slice fruit. It makes sense with you being a FACS/LA teacher. :D

  2. Love the slices of fruit, too!! Great example for your students!!!! Hope you have a restful weekend full of slice- worthy little moments!!

  3. I would never have guessed you as a "late blooming" reader! I can't remember a time when I didn't read, but my love for reading started in fifth grade when I volunteered to help in our school library. As I helped put books back on the shelves, I found so many books that I wanted to read. Even today, I am surrounded by books.

  4. Today I worked to get kindergarten students to understand writing territories (not that I used that term). Some latched on to the idea and went crazy in their "Idea Banks" I gave them. Knowing your topics is so important. They'll get it with you to guide them.

  5. Sue,
    You are so genuine, so real. I admire the way your heart comes out in your words. Thanks for writing through your exhaustion.

  6. It's so nice to know that even later you can discover reading. Guess its never too late, but better earlier than later like you said, so you don't miss out on all those great books!


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