Friday, March 9, 2012

Student Slicer March 9, 2012 Bee Sting

When I was three years old me and my sister were swinging on a two person swing eating popcorn. We didn't notice that the swing was on a branch with a bee hive two feet away from the swing. When me and my sister decided to swing really fast, it started to shake the branch and the bee hive. We didn't notice that the bees were coming out until I got stung up my nose. My sister went running inside to get my mom. While I'm trying to get in the house I had my head tipped back not being able to see where I’m going. With out getting stung again and running into the house.


  1. I'm wincing and cringing after reading your writing. Wow, trickster370! What a horrible event. Clearly something like this sticks with you. I guess you won't be swinging from any branches without looking again going-forward!

    Thanks for sharing your slice with us.

  2. This sounds like a horror story--just swinging so high and having a good time and bam!--bees attack. Keep those slices coming, trickster.


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