Friday, March 9, 2012

Student Slicer March 9, 2012 Swimming

We went swimming by our neighbors, that night we had to brush our trunks because they had green slime on them. The day before that we started to remove cement so we could put new cement in, so there was wood there to form a step. Then me and my brother were racing back and forth on the grass to the other step.
Then he dropped his stuff ran and said. “I'm going to beat you.”
I ran and took a short cut I jumped I didn’t jump high enough, I hit the wood so hard I could see my bone. I went inside I used 10 big packages of bandages. A couple days after we went to Quaker Haven (that is a camp ground and it has a lake.)I couldn’t swim because It would get inflected. -Black hits (blogger name- 6th grader)


  1. The line "I hit the wood so hard I could see my bone" made my skin crawl. Ooh! I could feel your pain.

  2. Green slime,racing, and jumping and then bone. There sure is a lot of action going on in your post. Too bad about not being able to swim. Keep writing, blogger Black.


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